by Sarah A. Ongiri
This Brown idea seemed to work okay until my daughter was born almost three years ago. Unlike my son, she is not Brown. She is a blue-eyed, fair skin little girl.
by Kate Washington
She is, she says, a big girl. I agree, sort of, especially if I look back at pictures of those first days, or even of a year ago.

by Kathi Morrison-Taylor
My son squirms away, shifts in his elastic sea,
pushes off the tissue and muscle
that constrains and consoles from the beginning.

by Lynne Marie Wanamaker
I don't want her to ever feel accustomed to being cowed; I don't want her to be okay with being made to feel small. I want her to fight back.
by Renee Cashmere
I started writing this column before Ruby's first year, Izzy's third year, and with an inkling already in the pit of my stomach that my marriage was not what I'd hoped.

by Maureen Geraghty Rahe
Would it be a step toward world peace
If terrorists, global warming, gangs and salmonella
became silly?

by Bonnie Hennessy
While I was listening to my twenty-one month old daughter, Molly, sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," my husband, Jimmy, was in the next room telling his mother that the doctor had just found a massive tumor in his chest.
by Melissa Wilkins
I don't want to squelch their imaginations. But the four of them do move through the house like a compact tornado, changing direction faster than I can track. I'm living in a pit of creative playthings, and there's nowhere to set down my teacup.

by Kristin Van Tassel
My son runs the edge of the tangled windbreak. He is red-haired, freckled,
sturdy. He stops at my side, breathing hard. Sweat slips down his temple.

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